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Ever since the trend of contextual link building has begun the need for useful quality content is on the rise.  It is an established fact that a website’s rank on the SERPs highly depends on its external link popularity. But other sites would want to link to your site only if it contains relevant and quality content. In other words, good content helps you gain quality backlinks from diverse domains. Therefore, external link popularity depends on the quality of on-page content to a great extent.

Matt Cutts recent announcement that Google has made 350 to 400 alterations to its search algorithm might create confusion but there are several reasons to stick to the rule of good content.

Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days when web pages stuffed with keywords could manage the top positions in SERPs. Today search engine values the on-page content and information that are relevant and appealing to human users.  Excessive use of keywords in the content can look like spam resulting in negative impact on the website ranking.  Use of appropriate keywords in the content and Meta title and description are important, but in an optimized manner.

Contextual Link Building

Contextual link building can quickly boost page rank as Google values it a lot. It requires good amount quality content in order to incorporate keyword-rich anchor text in the copy for contextual link building.

Contextual links are one-way links that a website gains naturally from social media and other relevant sites. The anchor text plays a key role here. Such link conveys your message with the most relevant and valuable keyword or key phrase embedded in the anchor text. That is, it is equally appealing to both the human user and the search engine. Therefore, good content with contextual links is highly capable of fetching targeted traffic to your way.

Good User Experience

When you set up a website the very first thing to keep in mind is that internet users have very little time for your site. Whatever you do you have to do within a few seconds to make the first impression.  Good content whether it is video, image or pure text has the potential to capture the visitors mind instantly. Catchy lines and informative content gets one hand up. If your website can ensure good user experience you can expect higher sales conversion.

Your website is the face of your business online. Maintaining the quality of content is necessary for branding and creating your niche for marketing. Google prefers fresh content to old one. Revamping on-page content on a regular basis counts on search engine ranking resulting in good ROI.

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