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Forums play a very important role in connecting people from different places , it helps in knowledge sharing and making business successful end to end .  There are lots of usefulness of forums  for example you own a site which offers product and services to general public but you don’t have a platform where people can submit feedback about the service you are offering then I think you are on a big mistake as a successful business always take people in confidence by getting feedback from them . Lots of people make forum without any estimation and man power which in turn fails to succeed , in this regard I have to appreciate the team of forum Rochester who are planning to establish their forum after a complete review of man power and setup & I am sure Rochester forums will get success very soon because for every successful business estimation is very necessary .

This in not the only advantage of creating forums , there are lots of other advantages  for example people can share their experience with the other members as well as they can submit their problem in a separate thread and other members can help them out if they also experienced the same problem and was sorted out  by the customer support representative , So there is no need to tell every customer about the same problem again and again , just start a section in the forum where all the problems faced in the past are mentioned . It will create an ease for the public to sort out their problems frequently .

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