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The Google Share Button is a handy extension for the social networks: if you want to show to friends without detours found on the internet videos and other content can use this Google Share, provided you have installed Google Chrome as a browser.

Google Share use is as simple as the other extensions of Google Chrome, the browser, the Internet search engine .The benefits of the Google share buttons are located primarily in the direct linkage with the major social network sites such as, of course, Facebook , MySpace and Twitter: What is with its online search is, can his friends pass on, without side-to- side, window to window or tab tab to jump to or have to constantly, and logout.The extension makes it easy to use and Google share pictures, videos, music, blog entries, tweets, and much more fully able to share.

Google Share use: This is how it is!

  • Installing the browser: Before you can use Google at all share, you must first install the Google Chrome browser. For this purpose, you download the latest version and launch the installation wizard.
  • Extensions: Google Chrome extensions can be found under the extensions for the web browser. This one can browse or go directly to the performances, where you can see the button as a Google button “Report” will.
  • Install: “Install” Clicking the button adds the selected extension, including the icon that appears next to the address line to.
  • Use: To now use Google to share, you just go to any web page and press the button.
  • Choose: Now seeks to turn out the social-networking site, on which one wants to share the find. Currently, 68 different sites are supported.
  • Tell: Simply click on the selected network page and immediately, the website will automatically appear there, be it at Digg, Yahoo Mail, Blogger, Hotmail, Delicious, Stumble Upon, or all the others.
  • Support: The Share Button Google supports 42 languages, Google Reader and several other software solutions.

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