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Forums play a very important role in connecting people from different places , it helps in knowledge sharing and making business successful end to end .  There are lots of usefulness of forums  for example you own a site which offers product and services to general public but you don’t have a platform where people can submit feedback about the service you are offering then I think you are on a big mistake as a successful business always take people in confidence by getting feedback from them . Lots of people make forum without any estimation and man power which in turn fails to succeed , in this regard I have to appreciate the team of forum Rochester who are planning to establish their forum after a complete review of man power and setup & I am sure Rochester forums will get success very soon because for every successful business estimation is very necessary .

This in not the only advantage of creating forums , there are lots of other advantages  for example people can share their experience with the other members as well as they can submit their problem in a separate thread and other members can help them out if they also experienced the same problem and was sorted out  by the customer support representative , So there is no need to tell every customer about the same problem again and again , just start a section in the forum where all the problems faced in the past are mentioned . It will create an ease for the public to sort out their problems frequently .

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The formula of the algorithm that ranks results on Google search pages is also well guarded as the recipe for Coca-Cola. But if Coca protection – legitimate – a trade secret is only intended to protect themselves from the competition, Google is different because the stakes are not the same: success or death of a business can depend entirely on its ranking in the results of a search engine.

This “dictatorship” of the algorithm has already upset many, and Google is regularly the object of suspicion and investigation on how to present their research results, which some believe could not be completely neutral.

It is for these reasons that the Attorney General of Texas has opened an investigation following complaints of abuse of dominance. If complainants are not known, the investigation concerns a possible setting before Google’s services or which Google has interests at the expense of competing sites.

An investigation reminiscent of similar cases have recently seen this side of the Atlantic, with particular complaints or eJustice Foundem or Ciao, accusing the search engine to compete unfairly in skewing the results and seriously penalized. See on this subject: Complaints against Google: the reasons for the anger.

Google is certainly a great company, full of great people, offering great service and essential, but sometimes its practices are abhorrent because of their opacity. Of course the clincher is to explain that Google is a private box as another, there is no monopoly, that we may use other methods and other drivers to make themselves known on the web, but these quibbles are disintegrating face the reality of the market: Google is the Web, and a de facto monopoly. You walk with Google or you die, period. And in these circumstances it seems legitimate that the “clients” (or users) are entitled to more transparency, and at the very least, information. Is it normal for example, that any “offense” – often unintentional or committed through inadvertence or lack of knowledge of rules – a site to be penalized, relegated to the depths of the rankings or even blacklisted without its authors are not aware and without having any chance to plead their cause and good faith for a pardon?

If legal proceedings may at least serve for this: either encourage or force Google to ban the arbitrary methods, then cross our fingers that the Prosecutor’s investigation of Texas to run its course.

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Have you ever met the right web directory ? What is the point of view of an SEO ? Registration for the directories is it a waste of time? Below you will find some important points that will help you distinguish the good directory of the directory wrong. Your contribution to this list is not exhaustive and too somewhat utopian is welcome.

  • Reactivity : the good directory listing of valid sites to the nearest second.
  • Visibility : good directory of the pages are positioned in the first pages of search results, not only its home page. I was responsible for a book whose pages are displayed on the front page for queries competitive and localized. I can do it, anyone can do it.
  • SEO : The directory is a good site well optimized for search engines. It allows you to customize the anchor link (anchor text) in dofollow pointing to his site. The good book do not buy links  to increase its PageRank. It shows less than 20 outbound links per page. It applies a title tag optimized for H tags and other basics of SEO …
  • GOS : good book offers additional services free, such as adding a Twitter, Facebook or Viadeo (directory Webrankinfo supported).
  • Distance : good webmaster good book warns that the good SEO site is approved or denied. If it has not been validated it gives precisely the / the reason (s) for refusal.
  • No Duplicate Content! : the good book does not duplicate articles (duplicate content). The directory is a good website to quality content.
  • Link back (backlinks) : the good book does not require the SEO to make it a link back.
  • Originality : good book is original. It does not copy but innovate.
  • Scripts : the good directory scripts limit advertising, it does not pop up, its pages are displayed quickly.The SEO register 20 links per day on average, the good book after the cadenza.
  • Registration : the good book does not require the webmaster to create an account. Its link “Suggest a Site” link is the most visible site. The SEO registered his site in one page, it fills and validates the request without spending too much time on it.
  • Time validation : the good directory can register their site in one minute. I once waited over two months for a site to be validated, which could be better?
  • Categories : I often see dropdowns interminable waste a lot of time. I also saw the drop-down lists of categories very short, with categories irrelevant because too tote. The ideal would be to create a menu of 10 categories with checkboxes. The sub-categories would be established by a system of tagging, WordPress knows so well done.
  • Architecture : The Architecture of a good book is well structured. Its pages are not too deep and are linked to anchors links optimized. Navigation is easy.
  • Web design : design a good book is beautiful to see, its sleek, minimalist, and Google knows it well. It highlights the content.

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Ever since the trend of contextual link building has begun the need for useful quality content is on the rise.  It is an established fact that a website’s rank on the SERPs highly depends on its external link popularity. But other sites would want to link to your site only if it contains relevant and quality content. In other words, good content helps you gain quality backlinks from diverse domains. Therefore, external link popularity depends on the quality of on-page content to a great extent.

Matt Cutts recent announcement that Google has made 350 to 400 alterations to its search algorithm might create confusion but there are several reasons to stick to the rule of good content.

Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days when web pages stuffed with keywords could manage the top positions in SERPs. Today search engine values the on-page content and information that are relevant and appealing to human users.  Excessive use of keywords in the content can look like spam resulting in negative impact on the website ranking.  Use of appropriate keywords in the content and Meta title and description are important, but in an optimized manner.

Contextual Link Building

Contextual link building can quickly boost page rank as Google values it a lot. It requires good amount quality content in order to incorporate keyword-rich anchor text in the copy for contextual link building.

Contextual links are one-way links that a website gains naturally from social media and other relevant sites. The anchor text plays a key role here. Such link conveys your message with the most relevant and valuable keyword or key phrase embedded in the anchor text. That is, it is equally appealing to both the human user and the search engine. Therefore, good content with contextual links is highly capable of fetching targeted traffic to your way.

Good User Experience

When you set up a website the very first thing to keep in mind is that internet users have very little time for your site. Whatever you do you have to do within a few seconds to make the first impression.  Good content whether it is video, image or pure text has the potential to capture the visitors mind instantly. Catchy lines and informative content gets one hand up. If your website can ensure good user experience you can expect higher sales conversion.

Your website is the face of your business online. Maintaining the quality of content is necessary for branding and creating your niche for marketing. Google prefers fresh content to old one. Revamping on-page content on a regular basis counts on search engine ranking resulting in good ROI.

If you own some business then the first thing which should come to your mind after setting up your business is the website design for your business , website is very necessary for your business proper representation and especially for the people who want to search about your business online . Most of the people try searching jobs and other related stuff on internet and in this way you can increase the credibility of your business .

Taking your business to next level is not possible without a good website , in USA people rely on internet alot and if they don;t find any website to the particular company then the don’t pay attention to it as they consider such business a week one , so it is recommended to make a website for your business which could represent your business company status on the web and people have the ease to track your company online .

Now a days some countries have included this factor in registering a company , for any registered company its mandatory that it have has some kind of representation online , its a good step because this thing increase the confidence in the people who are associated with that company . I hope you will once think about making a website after starting your business & I am sure thing technique will take your business an extra mile !!