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Filed Under (Social Bookmarking) by admin on June-15-2011

Now Google is +1 feature for sites and blogs. The function is quite simple, you glue a small piece of code and so can your visitors vote +1 on the page.

Social search has been under discussion long and the idea is that if your friends like something, do you think of it. There have been those who speculated that up with all their data could knock out Google in the future as Google is too tied to its link algorithm. So far this appears not to have made up a further approach in the search and it’s probably unreasonable to believe that they would have a chance.

It remains unclear what the +1 will fill the function of the search results and so far the effect is limited to when you are logged. It was in itself also search history in the past but even today when it rolled out in the global search results is search history effect on the total traffic is low. It can make a big difference for a single user, but overall we have not been measured no differences before and after global history. Our assessment is that the same will apply to +1 in the foreseeable future.