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Both Google and Bing in an interview with Danny Sullivan stated that they use data from Twitter and Facebook to organize search results. It may be that this is the beginning of the growth and then SEOs world around your hat and make sure to go with, this can change any SEO.

When Google’s representative responds to Sullivan’s question about the use Tweets as a signal for a page’s authority, the answer is crystal clear:

Yes, we do use it as a signal. It Is Used as a signal in our organic and news rankings.

There have long speculated a lot about Google does with Tweets in the algorithm, especially since they bought into the stream of Twitter. Now we have black and white that this is the case, the question is how much. Google, as we know, a long list of factors that influence their search results and on an RT (retweet) means very little in comparison with eg Meta Description, it is perhaps not something you’re going to spend working weeks to get. Among the rapid tests I’ve done of the phenomenon, it is precisely so, it makes little long-term difference even if it may seem that in the short term, it is important.

The most exciting is the social profiles is something that Google will use more of, which sounds unlikely. If Google were to choose to prioritize the Tweets and Faebook approvingly-tions, that will change the search engine optimization substantially and probably create an even greater demands on the combined PR / Social Marketing / SEO.