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Web SEO is an action that is to reference – to mention – the pages of a site. The term “reference” means the act of referring to something in a document – a reference – on which we rely. Reference a site’s designation as a reference. What does being a reference? And how to become? Say that this document – good or bad – is a leader in his field is to affirm that it is authoritative in terms of its value.In sociology, especially in group dynamics, this value is assigned by a group of people.

On the Web, this authority is manifested in the search space engines. The assignment of this value is in the form of hyperlinks. The reference site is a site to which users – Webmasters, bloggers, etc.. – Hyperlink link. There are several techniques to optimize the visibility of the site. Obtaining inbound links – in English backlinks – to the site to reference is not the only criterion referencing.

When we talk about SEO it is hard not to pronounce the word “Google.” The laws referencing highly dependent on search engines, Google’s in particular. Indeed, in France, each month the leader of the research totals more than 90% in units of Web visits compared to its competitors Bing and Yahoo (see Barometer search engines in September 2010). For most business professionals online visibility of the site since Google is a necessity, for others the need is to diversify its sources of traffic, for safety reasons, because nobody is immune