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Yes its good if you have a unique custom designed theme for your blog , everyone like to have his custom design template for his blog , but what the advantages ? – in t his post I’ll throw light on some of the advantages of custom design template for blog . Here are some of the interesting plus points in front of me ,

  • Custom design theme reveal the uniqueness of the blog , and visitor get a good impression while he visit the blog .
  • In custom design theme you have to the option to make something customizable for you , like for comments section you can do different kind of coding and for all other things you have to the option to bring some change .
  • Custom design blogs are rarely spammed as the coding is bit different and spammers mostly catch the same kind of blogs , so its good to have a custom design blog template.
  • If you are investing money on your blog theme then don’t worry because at the end of the day it will cash you money when you will plan to sell it , all this kind of things will add to your site cost .

There were few things which I think necessary to discuss on , all these things reveal that custom template is very beneficial for your blog and it can save you from lots of bugs but one dark part of it is that its not free lol – you have to heir someone who could design this for you ! For uniqueness I think its good to move rather than just wishing !

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Being a big  fan of using blur tool in Photoshop I can do lots of things using this tool , In Photoshop CS4 this tool is really awesome and I can do lots of things like I can make a picture faded and can make one circle which isn’t faded – it looks good when done , I am attached the picture in this post , I am sure this will surprise you .

There are some other tools in Photoshop which need to be explored , photoshop is a very interesting applicating for designing stuffs , its more interesting when you have the basic knowledge of it and you start making things whatever comes to your mind !

Its more innovative and more complicated when you start making complex things , Yes it’s a world of Graphic designing – Which reveal the fun of Artist !